Bag Tag – Palladium finish – Customized


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Inspired by the golf ball design on one side can be customized on the other side.This Bag tag will distinguish your golf bag or trip one with elegance. A perfect and functional gift.Do not hesitate to use the configuration tool to engrave an image, a name, a signature or a logo.

Important: Are you having trouble making your customization? No worries, every custom product order is followed by a quick phone conversation with our customer service to make sure the product fits your expectations. Do not forget to mention your phone number or contact us by e-mail

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Finish : Palladium
Leather color : black
Golf ball diameter : 2,75 inch
Bag Tag width : 7,28 inch
Weight : 4,7 oz
We recommend to avoid impacts, the risk of scratches and any contact with the water that could degrade the appearance of your accessory

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