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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
Decayeux Paris places the protection of personal data at the heart of the services offered to you.

This policy sets out the principles and guidelines for the protection of your personal data and aims to inform you about:
– The personal data that Decayeux Paris processes and the reasons for this treatment,
– The way these personal data are used,
– Your rights to the personal data concerning you.

This Policy was updated in October 2018.
We reserve the right to modify it at any time to provide you with up-to-date information on how data is collected and processed or as a result of legislative and regulatory developments

Decayeux Paris collect the necessary information (surname, first name, address, email) for the following purposes:
– Completion of satisfaction survey;
– Management of complaints and requests for information;
– Marketing operation management of segmentation, targeting, profiling;
– The sending of communication, commercial offers and prospecting;
– The establishment of contests.
Regarding electronic communications, it is always possible to unsubscribe either by clicking on “unsubscribe” or by sending an email to the address:
The use of data and information as described above is authorized by the regulations applicable to the protection of personal data (RGPD).
The processing of personal data for purposes of commercial prospecting and marketing is based on the legitimate interest of Decayeux Paris.
The processing of personal data for participation in the contests is based on the Client’s consent.

Products sold by Decayeux Paris
Decayeux Paristraite your personal data in order to execute and manage the contract (s) you have subscribed.
This includes:
– the management of your account;
– supply and management of the product (s) subscribed;
– the processing of your requests;
– the invoicing of the product (s) and procedure of recoveries.

These treatments are based on the fulfillment of the contract you have taken out.
The data we process are kept for as long as necessary for the realization of the subscribed contract plus the retention period imposed by the applicable rules on legal prescription.

Who are your personal data shared with?
For the purposes of managing the contract and performing the services you have subscribed, your data may be transmitted:
– Internal services at Decayeux Paris: the departments in charge of the execution of the subscribed services, including support and maintenance services, customer relations, accounting;
– To external service providers at Decayeux Paris: technical service providers, including subcontractors who provide services or assistance and advice to Decayeux Paris;
– External bodies: public bodies in the context of legal obligations;
– Upon request, they may also be transferred to persons and authorities whose right of access to personal data is recognized by law, regulations or provisions emanating from authorities authorized by law.

Where are your personal data?
All processing of your personal data is carried out on the territory of the European Union (EU).
However, if it happens that a subcontractor or partner of Decayeux Paris is outside the European Union and that subcontractor or partner is in a country that has not been recognized as providing a level of adequate protection, Decayeux Paris would require it to comply with its requirements for the security and confidentiality of your personal data and to process your data only for the purposes it has determined. Such subcontractors and partners will have previously signed the standard contract clauses of the European Commission.

How are your personal data secure?
Decayeux Paris undertakes to implement the technical and organizational means necessary to ensure the security of personal data against theft, loss, disclosure or unauthorized modification depending on the sensitivity of the data.
Decayeux Paris undertakes to take into account the protection of your personal data and your privacy from the design of new products or services that are available to you.

Exercise your rights over your personal data
You may at any time request to exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation, portability with Decayeux Paris as provided in the regulations in force subject to fulfill the conditions.
These requests can be sent by mail to:

Data Protection Officer
11 rue de la place
80390 Saucourt

Or by email:
All requests must be accompanied by proof of identity.

Submit a complaint to the CNIL
If you feel that we have not processed your Data in accordance with the regulations on the protection of Personal Data, you have the possibility to lodge a complaint with the CNIL: complaints.

Newsletter Info:
As part of its compliance with the RGPD, Decayeux Paris informs you that our privacy policy has been updated and that you can find it here.
We also remind you that you have the possibility to unsubscribe from this newsletter by clicking on the following link “I unsubscribe”.