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Since 1911, the Decayeux family group, certified “entreprise du patrimoine vivant” EPV, has maintained its excellence of the French know-how in the metal and luxury industry.
The Decayeux group manufactures, for 40 years, metal products made of brass, gold or silver for the major luxury French houses of leather goods and jewelry.

In 2014, Stéphane Decayeux, the current president of the family group, created his own brand of luxury jewelry and accessories, DECAYEUX PARIS.
The founder combines the excellence of the know-how of the group’s workshops in Picardy and his passion for golf to create creations in brass or sterling silver, inspired by the graphic lines of golf design.
All jewelry and accessories are enhanced by precious and refined finishes in gold, palladium or ruthenium.


Our Values

values ​​of authenticity & savoir-faire

The brand with the famous rivet for signature transmits through its collection the values of authenticity, elegance and the quality of French know-how in a contemporary and timeless style.

The idea of developing the DECAYEUX PARIS brand came from the Clubhouse lamp, an exceptional product designed in the 80s by a family member, and which will be the first product to be developed in a collection, numbered to 100 copies.
The diversification of the offer is accelerating year by year, with golf, lifestyle and home accessories, followed by belts and jewelry for men and women. A line of sportswear ready-to-wear completes the collection to enhance the brand’s luxury accessories on golf courses.

Some of the jewelry and accessories are customizable to make them unique with a text or image. The offered engravings are made on demand in our workshops in Picardie. The perfect gift for any golf fan or luxury enthusiast!

Decayeux Paris

2020 News

DECAYEUX PARIS reveals its new Renaissance Collection, to offer the perfect gift for luxury lovers and golf amateurs.
The brand with the famous rivet focuses on jewelry for men by offering this year, bracelets with trendy design, sleek graphic lines and very masculine finishes. The dimpled bangle in 24 carat gold and the pearl necklace complete the women’s collection. But the master piece for men and women of the Renaissance collection is undoubtedly the cord bracelet with its hammered medal in sterling silver.

DECAYEUX PARIS once again shows the excellence of its French know-how in this collection, combining elegance and singularity. The quality and subtlety of the design will appeal to a wide audience, golfers or not.
The collection will be promoted by two ambassadors, professional players, Noemi Jimenez Martin and Grégory Bourdy, who will wear jewelry and accessories on and off the greens and transmit the values ​​of the brand.


Our materials

A unique offer that makes the difference

Our jewelry and luxury accessories are made of brass or sterling silver, with finishes using precious metals such as 24-carat gold, palladium or ruthenium, combine both craftsmanship and industry.

Each piece is shaped into small series in our Picard workshop, using traditional methods from metal and jeweler’s craft.Our sterling silver jewels are stamped with the master’s mark certifying the titration of precious metals, the quality and authenticity of the French manufacture. The precious finishes we offer on our products are realized in our workshops thanks to the electroplating (or electrolysis). This method provides exceptional finishes in terms of brightness, malleability and uniformity and greater resistance to oxidation.

What ?

24-carat gold: 24-carat gold is the most valued precious metal in jewelry for its purity and malleability in order to use it for the finishing of yellow-colored pieces. For information, the price of gold in February 2019 is 37 600 € / kg.

Palladium: Palladium is a rare and contemporary malleable metal. It is naturally very white and does not require any rhodium. The jewels keep this white luster and shine over time. It is the least dense metal of the platinum group. For information, the price of palladium in February 2019 is 41 400 € / kg.

Ruthenium: Ruthenium is a semi-precious metal that belongs to the platinum group. It is unalterable in the air and almost unassailable by acids. It is used for its dark gray color reminiscent of the color of titanium and provides more masculine finishes.

Sterling silver: Sterling silver is a metal that allows many creations in jewelry. It is used together with copper to make it more resistant and to allow the realization of extremely fine parts. “Silver 925 thousandths” means that its alloy is composed of 92.5% pure silver.

Brass: Brass is a non-ferrous alloy among others copper and zinc. It is very easy to machine, malleable it can be cold worked or hot and has a very good resistance to corrosion.

Electroplating: This is the principle of electrolysis in goldsmithery used to apply by means of a continuous electrical current, a metal deposit on the surface of an object. This technique is used to ornament or embellish a jewel or accessory with several kinds of metals such as gold, palladium or ruthenium.

Decayeux Paris

Our Know How

Our family business maintains its expertise, in its workshops in Picardy, while still maintaining the authenticity and elegance required for the realization of luxury products.

Even more than a classic “made in France”, the excellence of our know-how is certified by the French State as a Living Heritage Company (EPV).

Our leather goods craftsmanship partner applies to manufacture in France with the same degree of exactness and rigor, our straps of belts and bracelets in beautiful resistant leathers.


DECAYEUX PARIS invites you to customize its items to make your product unique, just like your passion.
Discover our prestigious line of refined accessories inspired by the golf universe, to offer an exceptional gift.

In our workshops in France, we will engrave, according to your wishes, a name, a signature, a logo, a message and why not immortalize your best performances by reproducing your scores card on a plate in gold, palladium or titanium finish.

decayeux paris


Noemi Jimenez Martin

Noemi Jimenez Martin became professional in 2015. Noemi shares the values of the brand that supports her for her early career on the Ladies European Tour in 2019.
In 2017, Noemi participated in six LETAS events. She achieved her best result at the Bossey Women’s Championship in 2nd place and finished in 2018 2nd in the LETAS ranking.

Career Highlights:
– Winner VP Bank Ladies Open 2018
– 3rd Terre Blanche Ladies Open 2018
– 2nd Bossey Ladies Championship 2017


Gregory Bourdy became professional in 2003 and has been on the European circuit for more than 13 years. He has to his credit 4 victories, many top 10, a selection in Continental European Team, and a selection for the 2016 Olympics.
He participates every year in one or two majors where he has just shone in 2016 by finishing 18th at the USPGA Championship and at the US Open.
Attached to the values of France and his region, he does not hesitate to return home to Bordeaux between tournaments and return to his origins at Golf Bordeaux where he began golf.

Career Highlights:
– Rio 2016 JO participation
– Winner Open Wales 2013
– Member of the Continental Europe Team 2013
– Winner Hong Kong Open 2009
– Winner Portugal Open 2008
– Winner Open of Spain 2007
– 2 top 20 in major
– Best European ranking 37th


Decayeux Paris

Decayeux Paris is a partner of several golf competitions for amateurs or professionals including the Madame Figaro Trophy, the Lalla Meryem Cup / Hassan II Golf Trophy, the Ladies European Tour … The brand will also be present at trade shows and other private events, in France and abroad.

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